The issue of password security is very broad, aside from not writing your passwords on paper or sharing it with anybody, there are some key things you need to know in order to keep your sites, social network, emails and almost anything that requires a password secured.

A combination of the following at least 3 of these will keep you safe:

Use mixed cases (capital and small letters).
Add numbers in at least twice. (0 - 9).
Use special characters, symbols and punctuations.
Keep the password 8 characters long or more.
Avoid using words in the dictionary.
Avoid using date of birth or family name.

If you do all these, you should be able to stay safe. An example of such a password is: aJg$1s3oP.

If making or remembering this kind of password seems difficult to you, you can tools like this: to engineer a secured password and learn a technique to easily remember it!

Let us know if this was helpful. wink emoticon

Musa Khalid Danjuma

Monday, April 11, 2016

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