Domain Redemption.

In the Stone Age, when your domain registration expires, by default it becomes available for anybody else to register. This caused businesses their online brand identity overnight by any slight chance of their domain names expiring without prior renewal. While cyber-squatters or in other words domain-squatters were busy having a payday, taking advantage and sniping domain names to extort money from the original registrants, asking them to buy back at ridiculous amount of money (personally I’ve been asked for $5,000).

If you wonder how these squatters or anybody interested in your domain can snatch it from you when it’s expired. That’s a topic for another day, but you should learn about “Buy Backs” and “Domain Watch Dog” services.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the regulatory body in charge of all domain registrations introduced domain Redemption Grace Period (RGP) to allow domain owners another chance to renew their domain names after expiry by keeping the domain between 30 – 90 day period with a charge of about $80 to restore, in some cases you may be charged between $100 - $200 by the domain company for redeeming an expired domain name.

Well, aside from the redemption grace period, Registrars sometimes give between 0 – 29 days pre-RGP renewal period, most referred to as Renewal Grace. This is usually NOT a guaranteed period and each registry has different rules for their grace period. GoDaddy LLC for example has 18 days, Network Solutions Inc and Enom has 30 days while 1AND1 has 10 days.

When a particular domain name is in its renewal grace period, such domain name would be put on a temporary commercial Parking Page by the registry. This is an indication that the domain name has expired. During this period, any website and emails associated with the domain name would stop working since it will be removed from ‘zone-files’ but the domain owner may still renew the domain at the standard renewal charges.

Here at Gilgahost, we have varying grace periods. 36 days for .COM/.NET/.ORG, 40 days for .WS/.TV and 90 days for .UK. You can ask our support desk if you would like to verify the grace period for any of your domain names with us on 08075644449

Avoid Domain Redemption.

Totally avoiding the redemption charges means waiting for the RGP to elapse and then register the domain afresh again (when it gets publicly available for new registration). But this brings you back to the Stone Age, risking your domain names to cyber squatters.

However, you can avoid falling into redemption completely by always renewing your domain name before its expiry, a month or two before. If you would like to cut the chase, you may consider registering your domain name for longer than 1 year, especially if your domain is a business domain you may consider registering for 5 or 10 years in a row.

With Gilgahost you can take either of the two options, more advisably the latter. Domain names can be registered between 1 – 10 years at Gilgahost. If you would like to switch your domain registration for a longer period than 1 year, contact our support desk for assistance.

Recovering Domains from Redemption.

I have been a victim too, paying about $100 for my domain renewal because I skipped that email that asked me to renew (blame it on procrastination or my lots of work to do and trip back home where I don’t act on all my emails).

When your domain name is in redemption period, you can contact your registrar to redeem it together with the redemption charge. Once that charge is paid, your registrar should be able to push your redemption request to the registry. This usual takes 24 – 72hrs to complete, afterwards your domain name should be renewed and put back live again. This is ideal for a serious business!

In some cases, when the domain has passed its redemption period it is set to a PENDING DELETE state. Simply this is a queue of deleting the domain entirely from the registry to make it available for a fresh registration. This period sometimes may take a few days!

If you have any question regarding domain redemption, be free to ask below.

08035226795, 08055520841

— Musa Khalid Danjuma
CEO/Founder @

Monday, April 11, 2016

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