Dear Value Customers,

We appreciate your loyalty and continued support as our customer.

We, at Beta Host Limited, are always committed to delivering quality service to you, while also maintaining a sustainable business.

As an ICANN registrar, Beta Host Limited partners with top domain registries in the world to offer domain services to you, our customers. These registeries sell domains in dollars while we offer the domain services to our Nigerian customers in Naira.

Since the beginning of the year, the Dollar to Naira rate has been getting more expensive. We have had to bear the increased cost to avoid making our services more expensive to our Nigerian customers, because we understand that the economic situation has been tough for all.

Unfortunately, we can no longer bear the increased cost, and as such, we will have to review the prices of some of our products and services.

On September 1st 2022, Beta Host Limited will be reviewing the prices of some of our products and services to all our Nigerian customers beginning with .com and .org domains.

All .com domains will be at the rate of N9,500 while .org domains will be at the rate of N10,800. The renewal prices for existing domains will also be affected and these prices will be changed per year. We will also communicate further price changes that might affect some of our other products and services.

We want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but this is beyond our control.

To prepare you for these changes, Beta Host Limited will be offering a discount sale for .com and .org domains at the rate of N7,500 and N9,500 respectively starting from September 1st 2022. This discount is available for all new domain orders only.

We appreciate you and your business and hope to continually meet and exceed your expectations.

Thank you,

Musa K. Danjuma
CEO, Beta Host Limited


Thursday, September 1, 2022

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